Top 10 Korean BBQs You Must Try

Top 10 Korean BBQs You Must Try

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Korean bbq with side dishes

Korean culture profoundly known for the social values it harbors. There is support for harmony, respect for elders, the importance of family, and a mutual love for humanity massively seen in Koreans.Here i will bring you Top 10 Korean BBQs that you must try in your life. 

The Korean food is for its delicious and healthy ingredients. One of the oldest vital dishes in Korean food culture is Kimchi. It is spicy and sour in flavor and is made with love and savored heart fully. Korean BBQ has its unique importance in Korean culture. They usually have a nice mix of meat, veggies, and carbs. Korean BBQ might get a bit spicy at times but is always tasty.

This process of making Korean BBQ has its fun. As Korean BBQ includes many vegetables, it appeals to a massive group of people who have distinct eating habits. Korean BBQ originated from the Northern Nomadic or Cavalry cuisine. It is more related to the Maek Tribe and mostly contributes to the Korean population.

BBQ in Korea is just another name of hanging together or going out for a date. We are here to present you with some Korean delicacies that are sure to leave your mouth watered. The following are ten Korean BBQs that are quite famous in the region. Restaurants in Korea are unique for their tabletop grilling setups so that guests can grill their food by themselves. We have also started a brief history of each so that you may know which is your region-specific BBQ! 

1.Pork Belly BBQ ( Samgyeopsal ) – Top ten Korean BBQs you must try

pork belly bbq
Pork Belly

The Grilled pork belly is a dish that has a GUI texture and usually made with garlic and green onions. You can serve with the ingredients at your table and can grill the BBQ at your table. The vegetables lay aside and are there for you to enjoy as a salad. Almost every Korean restaurant serves Grilled Pork Belly BBQ. Tong Tong Dwaeji is a famous restaurant serving the best-Grilled pork belly in Korea.

The meat of pork belly gives a mild, loin like flavor. You get a rich, unctuous taste as the layers of the fat break down and covers the meat. This richness is offset by accompanying it with citrus, fresh herbs, scallions, and cucumber.

Consuming Pork Belly started thousands of years ago in China. People used to cook pork with bacon fat that was a cheap alternative to beef. In Korea, grilled pork belly became the epitome of south Korean cuisine in 1997. 

2. Prime Beef BBQ ( Sogogi ) – Top ten Korean BBQs you must try

prime beef bbq
prime beef

This is a BBQ dish, known as the Korean Beef Bulgogi dish. It contains finely sliced marinated beef and usually marinated with garlic, ginger, sriracha, soy sauce, and brown sugar. This dish can grill at your table in Korean restaurants. 

The thin slicing of the beef allows the marinade to absorb entirely in the meet and give a honey-sweet flavor. It is slightly spicy because of the soy sauce addition in the margination mix. The Bulgogi is crispy in texture and has a rich and complex taste.

It believed that Bulgogi came into existence in the Goguryeo era in Korea. It is a national cuisine of Korean people.

3. Chicken feet BBQ ( Dakbal ) – Top ten Korean BBQs you must try

Chicken feet bbq
Chicken Feet BBQ

This is a Korean dish, also known as Dakbal. This is a spicy Korean BBQ dish that is served hot with sesame seeds sprinkled on top. Koreans love this dish because of its crispy texture and a spicy flavor. Marinated chicken feet are deep-fried for 5 minutes to let them get thoroughly cooked and tender on the inside as well.

People in Korea love chicken feet a lot and consider it as a common food on the table, just like beef or pork. This common delicacy holds a South Korean origin and served with sprinkled crushed peanuts on top or with rice and lettuce wraps on the side. A famous restaurant in Korea named Hong mi Dakbal specializes in selling the best chicken feet BBQ in the region.

4. Pork Collar BBQ ( Moksal ) – Top ten Korean BBQs you must try

pork collar bbq
pork collar

This is the most popular part of pork meat in BBQ dishes. The Smoked Pork Collar BBQ served in many ways like in burgers or separately with sides. This is quite a popular dish in Korean cuisine. It serves with different vegetables and sauces that have a lot of garlic and ginger.

Pork Collar BBQ has originated from the United States but now equally devoured in Korea. People love having a night out enjoying Pork Collar BBQ at their famous restaurants. A famous place in Korea called ‘Wangbijib’ sells the best pork collar BBQ and is quite famous for it.

5. Korean Beef BBQ short ribs ( Sogalbi ) – Top ten Korean BBQs you must try

Beef short rib bbq
Beef short rib

Galbi is a Korean word for ‘rib.’ This BBQ dish is made of beef short ribs. It marinates in garlic soy sauce. It grills at Korean restaurants and serves on a skillet. Vegetables like onions serve with Galbi to add to the flavor. You can look for Galbi at Sura KBBQ in Korea.

This dish has ribs that are sweet in flavor. They cooked in pear and sugar, which add a sweetening flavor to the ribs,the soy sauce makes the meat darkened and caramelized. The perfect Galbi has meat that is tender and moist, easily torn from the bones.

It hears that Galbi first became popular in Koreans of Los Angeles, but later became equally famous in Korea itself, just like other traditional dishes. You can enjoy the best Galbi in restaurants like Korean Gangnam-gu.

6.Korean chicken BBQ ( DAk ) – Top ten Korean BBQs you must try

top ten Korean BBQs (Marinated chicken bbq)
Marinated chicken

The chicken in this dish deep-fried and is later topped with a sweet and spicy sauce. It also added with ‘gochujang’ which gives a spicy flavor to it. You can also lessen the spice levels if you are not a big fan of spices. 

This chicken double fried to give it a crispy skin. The thinly sliced onions on top add to the flavor combined with the sweet and tangy Asian dressing. The onions offset the chicken flavor and give you a dreamy experience. 

7. Rib Eye BBQ ( Galbi Seuteikeu ) – Top ten Korean BBQs you must try

top ten Korean BBQs (Beef ribeye bbq)
Beef Ribeye

A very popular Korean BBQ dish that loves by all. Beef rib eye marinates with spices like mirin, soya sauce, sugar, red pepper, and sesame oil. Both sides of the beef cut and marinated very well to let the spices seep through the layers of meat. The meat will grill after two hours of staying in the marinade.

This is a traditional Korean dish that uses the process of usual grilling. It loves by many due to its nutritional value and also the meaty taste. The dish serves with side veggies and dressings that offset the crispy meat flavor.

Rib Eye BBQ is as old as the tradition of BBQ itself. It has roots in the lives of earlier Koreans. For grilling, mostly smoke or soot uses as it gives more flavor to the meat.

8. Pork Intestine BBQ ( Gopchang-gui ) – Top ten Korean BBQs you must try

top ten Korean BBQs (Pork intestine bbq)
Pork Intestine

This BBQ dish made out of small intestines of pig and called as gopchang-GUI. It is a part of Korean national cuisine. Koreans, especially the working-class, love eating Pork intestines BBQ while they drink soju. This dish served along with veggies like garlic and ginger. It marinated with vinegar and sea salt to add to its rich, spicy flavor. 

The texture of this dish is quite fatty. A chewy bite with loaded buttery feel is a common process of eating Pork intestines BBQ. These are also called Sundae in Korean, while the rest of the world knows Sundae to be a dessert.

Pork intestine BBQs originated from Korea and considered as an associated National cuisine of Korea. This food is very tasty and equally healthy. 

9.Ox tongue BBQ ( Soegogi hyeo ) – Top ten Korean BBQs you must try

top ten Korean BBQs (Ox tongue bbq)
Ox tongue

This BBQ marinated tongue beef which grilled in an iron skillet and is quite popular in Korea. People love how BBQ tongue tastes like. This meat cooked in water to make it tender before grilling. Mostly it seasoned with essential herbs and spices to get a tasty steamy flavor.

Cow and Ox tongues are liked by people all over the world though there has been a decline in the consumption now. But people in Korea still love to eat this dish. Due to its fatty and mild taste. It loaded with nutrients and fatty acids though it’s quite expensive because there is only one tongue per cow (unless some mutation happens).

10. Duck BBQ ( Babekyu oli) – Top ten Korean BBQs you must try

top ten Korean BBQs (duck bbq)
Duck BBQ

This Duck BBQ made by marinating the duck meat for 20 minutes. The marinade contains white sugar, soy sauce, and sesame oil mostly. These meat pieces then grilled and served. These grilled pieces are finely sliced to be served as appetizers or are served whole in the meat. 

These dishes needs to be topped with many toppings. otherwise, it will taste just like chicken. People who love spicy foods can try duck BBQ as it has a spicy edge of flavor. This dish is basically from Beijing but has spread in the region and now loved by Koreans and Chinese alike.

Now, as you know, the ten most popular BBQ dishes that you can savor with friends or family in your favorite restaurants. A fun dining experience is waiting for you to come and enjoy Korean history through its cuisine. Which BBQ has appealed the most to you?

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