Top 10 Countries to visit and Eat BBQ

Top 10 Countries to visit and Eat BBQ

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The peak season of grills may be winding down, but the popularity of BBQ always remains the same. It is not just in the United States where people are crazy for grilled meat, the irresistible combination of meat and heat is the most beloved food in the whole world. Whether it is chicken skewers from a street vendor or a whole hog barbeque.

Barbecues are not new to us. They were famous for centuries by our predecessors who roasted bucket of beef and ribs on an open fire. It is an art that can convert any ardent anti-cook into a culinary transform.  Before we jump into the best countries to visit their barbecues, let’s take a quick introduction of barbecues and its several types.

Barbecuing in an open area

 What is barbecue?

A barbecue is itself a cooking method in which meat gets ready in a specific way. It also refers to a type of social event known as barbecuing. It is usually done outdoors by smoking meat over charcoal or wood. Another type of barbecuing known as restaurant barbecuing happens in specially designed metal or brick ovens.

Barbecuing common techniques include grilling, roasting, and smoking. The technique due to which it is named includes cooking using smoke at low heat and a long time. Drilling is usually done over direct heat over a fire for a few minutes.

While there are a lot of types of barbecuing that it becomes hard to classify them. However, the major 4 categories based on the type of grilling are used below.

  1. Gas Grills
  2. Charcoal Grills
  3. Electric Grills
  4. Portable Grills

Top countries which offer the best barbecues:

It is not surprising that some nations have taken the barbecue cookery to new heights. For these states, cooking something over an open flame is more a religious rite than a technique. Here are 10 countries who have that offer extraordinary barbecues in the world.

1. Turkey

At the core of any Turkish society anywhere on the earth is a wild love of the BBQ. A tour to the streets of Northeast London to look roads populated with mangal restaurants is what you need to convey to you how adored this barbecue has become among Turks. Chicken, lamb, and seafood kebabs of every kind gets served with some fresh flatbread and side plates of tasty mezze that is as cheering as it is delicious.

2. Japan

As with different aspects of Japanese culture, the grilled food in this wonderful country is delicate, small, and perfect. The most famous is yakitori which is a skewed chicken. The addition of yakitori in the food for dinner is the perfect you could spend an evening in Japan.

Japanese way of barbecuing

3. Australia

Australians barbecues are famous for a reason. An Aussie barbecue is more of a mish-mash type, but it does not make it less tasty than others. Ingredients can change depending on the location. Most general contents are rissoles, chicken wings, lamb chops, and shrimps. For a barbecue made to supply for every taste, it is hard to beat Australia.

4. South Africa

Braai is a type of BBQ originated in South Africa. The braai focuses on cooking meat in a putluck-style with wood-burning grill also known as braai stand. The popular components used in the preparation of braai are sosatie, and boerewors, lamb, and, a South African sausage. A non-grilled item to the meal is pap which is a corn-based porridge-like polenta or grits.


5. USA

The southern United States claims as being the spiritual home of the world of BBQ. From the Carolina to Texas, what parts the US from the rest of the world is their slow and low style. By gradually cooking meats in a long time, American BBQs make seasoned cuts that separate from the bone and melt in your mouth. Whether working with ribs, brisket, or shoulder, American BBQ packs a patiently prepared hit.

Beef Ribs

6. Argentina

Argentina is among the world’s quality producers of beef. That is why they are masters of meat cookery.  Family and friends combine around large smoking grills to adore slow-roasted steaks and sausages that have been coated with salmuera brine to give the ingredients natural juiciness. This meat is typically served with spicy sauces, to give the BBQ some extra bite. 

Sausage BBQ

7. Iran

Iran is another state with a long history grilling, where you only have to taste a shish-kebab of minced lamb, a koobideh kebab, grilled and spread with citrusy sumac and served with fluffy saffron rice and a blistered tomato to admit that this is one great area to eat. Kebab sellers are found across the whole country.

8. Georgia

This may not be the place that instantaneously comes to mind when you think about the cities for best barbecues, but the Georgians have a rich history of grilling meat on hot coals. In Georgia, it is known as shashlik that contains hunks of beef, lamb, or chicken that are soaked, skewered, and then cooked to perfection. Add some fresh baked Georgian bread and salads and give yourself a treat.


9. Thailand

If you go to any market in Thailand, you will see smoking towers in the sky. Which will tell you that there is a barbecue professional in the area. You will find some while grilling fish while others during preparing pork or chicken satays.

10. South Korea

Korean BBQ is considered as Asia’s well-known culinary export. Traditional dishes have the imagination of the world and now it can be found in restaurants all around the world. Korean BBQ presents a smokey taste of the east in a unique way. In fact, if there is any country more connected with the word” BBQ” than the United States then it is South Korea. The best of Korean dishes is bulgogi. It consists of thinly sliced beef coated with sesame, soy sauce, scallions, and natural tenderizers such as bulgogi, pear. It served with the combination of herbs and vegetables.



Barbecue is simply defined as “low and slow” cuts cooked for a long time with simple techniques involving meat and an open flame. From lamb seared on skewers to goat cooked in pits, above is how barbecue is famous across the whole world.

Wherever you belong it is likely that your country has at least one delicious barbecuing tradition. However, if you want to try the best of best then we recommend you go to one of these 10 countries. For all food lovers, these states and their barbecues should be high on their list.

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