10 Most Expensive and Luxurious Foods Globally

10 Most Expensive and Luxurious Foods Globally

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For some, food is merely sustenance, something to maintain energy, and level for growth. However, food is central to daily life and something that should be celebrated. if you’re interested enjoying only the best food available, you might find inspiration from the below mentioned top 10 expensive food in the whole world.

  • We all like a touch of luxury from time to time. There are some dishes and food items that are known for being so expensive many of you probably won’t have yet heard of, never mind tried!
  • To be honest, some of the dishes and food items don’t even sound all that appealing but if the rich and famous enjoy them, then why not. Here is the rundown of the top 10 most expensive foods in the world.

What is Food?

Foods are required in the body to provide energy, promote growth, repair worn-down body tissues and sustain the regulatory processes. The purpose of the diet is to supply the nutrients required to got optimal health. Moving ahead,

  • Diet comprises of foods or mixtures of food in the amounts eaten, usually each day. The diet must be such that it contributes adequate nutrients in the amounts required by an individual.
  • If a monotonous diet is consumed over a long period, it may result in ill health owing to either shortage of some nutrients or excess of others. A balanced diet is, therefore, the solution to good health.

Difference between Food and Meal ?

Food is bound to any occasion, it can be eaten any time or consumed irrespective to a specified time. Food can be in raw form Food can be called to one dish too.A meal is any food item, selected for the specific time or occasion of a day. Specifically, a meal is what we eat three times a day. A meal is mostly in processed or cooked form. A meal is composed of multiple dishes.

Factors affecting the price of food ?

Multiple factors affect the price of most probably food and these are:

  • The first and most obvious is internal cost, the cost that is required for the production of food. That includes the cost of raw material, as well the cost of making it, adding the cost of experts chefs required.
  • The design of the final product or the presentation is also one of the main factors that increase the cost or make them too much expensive.

Top 10 high priced Food Products

So, finally, we are sharing the list of the most expensive and overpriced dishes throughout the world food market.

1. Doughnut of Krispy Kreme

most expensive food
Doughnut of Krispy Kreme

Origin: Vernon Rudolph, New Orleans chef

Country: United States

Price: $ 1865/ a pastry equivalent size

Appearance: Light brownish doughnut

Flavour: Chocolate, Jelly, crullers, Oreo and Chips Ahoy

Taste: A little crispier, melts in your mouth and creamy inside

Market leaders: Starbucks

2. Grand Velas Tacos

most expensive food
Grand Velas Tacos

Origin: Durango, Mexico

Country: Mexico

Price: $ 25,000 taco

Appearance: Gold infused corn tortilla with lobster and Kobe beef and topping of black truffle Brie and Beluga caviar

Flavour ingredients: lobster, brie cheese with white and black truffles, beluga caviar and Kobe veal, 24-carat gold plates, Morita pepper, high-quality tequila, Morita pepper, Indonesian civet coffee

Taste: Delicious taste ever on a world

Market leaders: Los Cabos Resort

3. The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence

most expensive food
The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence

Origin:  Fortress Resort and Spa in Galle, Sri Lanka.

Country: Sri Lanka

Price: $ 14,500

Flavour: Italian Cassata flavoured with Baileys Irish Cream

Appearance: A hand made chocolate,

Taste: Sweet taste along with other fruits

Market leaders: Fortress Resort and Spa in Galle, Sri Lanka.

Time Preparation: 48 hours

4. Saffron

most expensive food

Origin: Crocus Sativus flower, Iran

Country: Iran, Spain, Italy, Australia, Canada

Price: $ 6790 per kg

Appearance: Red straight threads

Taste: subtle aroma and flavour

Market leaders: Highest production in Spain

5. Lobster Frittata of Norma Restaurant

most expensive food
Lobster Frittata of Norma Restaurant

Origin: New York, America

Country: United States of America

Price: $ 1,000/omelette

Appearance: Omelette packed with caviar and lobster

Taste: Egg with sturgeon caviar taste, and along with butter aroma

Market leaders: Norma’s Restaurant, Manhattan’s Le Parker Meridien hotel

6. The Posh Pie

most expensive food
The Posh Pie

Origin: Paddington’s Lord Dudley Hotel

Country: Australia

Price: $ 9,484

Appearance: Very gorgeous and mouthwatering look

Flavour: Only one flavour

Taste: beef, lobster taste

Market leaders: Australia

7. Louis XIII Pizza

most expensive food
Louis XIII Pizza

Origin: Chef Renato Viola, Italy

Country: Salerno, Italy

Price: $ 12,000

Appearance: Pizza type look with a deep topping

Taste: Fish pizza taste with enriched in Australian Murray River

Market leaders: Chef Renato

Preparation time: 72 hours

8. Beluga’s Almas Caviar

most expensive food
Beluga’s Almas Caviar

Origin : Persian peoples

Country: Iran to Russia belt

Price: $ 34,500 per kg

Appearance: Golden

Flavour: Kinda salty and fishy

Taste: less salty, rich but slightly sweet taste oozes on your tongue

Market leaders: Caspian Sea Caviar are of the highest quality

9. Chocolate Pudding

most expensive food
Chocolate Pudding

Origin: Chef Marc Guibert

Country: England’s Lake District

Price: $ 35,000

Appearance: Chocolate desert

Flavour: Only one flavour

Taste: sweet chocolaty

Market leaders: Chef Marc Guibert

10. Fleur Burger 5000

most expensive food
Fleur Burger 5000

Origin: Chef Hubert Keller

Country: San Francisco, USA

Price: $ 5000

Appearance: Black and brownish colour

Flavour: Wagyu beef

Taste: Crunchy beef strong taste

Market leaders: Fleur de Lys in Vegas


Food is a very precious commodity. Everything or every activity we do, or the hard work and struggles we applied to eat good food is to have a comfortable life. But do you think ever, of the most expensive and valuable food on the earth? There are many high-priced foods available in your area or region associated with expert chefs and special brands. But a precious food that is world-famous and is strong delicious, is only eligible for our current list. Moving ahead, we have provided a list of top 10 most high budget food products or meals as well give a rating based on consumers acceptance and their evaluation after consumption.

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